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Company Culture

Corporate Vision

To become a globally com petitive green building integration service provider.

Corporate Mission

Constructing Numerous Buildings with Centuries-lasting Excellent Products.
The mission embodies the value of China Commerce Greening Building, which relies on innovation and solid endeavors to improve the technological elements of products and conscientiously implements every production-verified link to provide customers with one-stop building solutions. 

Core Values
Expertise: be dedicated and keep improving.
Faithfulness: be faithful, trustworthy and fulfill every promise.
Innovation: be open-minded, innovative and insist on self-improving.
Win-win: be collaborative, win-win and benefit all.

Corporate Spirit

Be inclusive like water
All rivers run into sea since its greatness contains everything. (By: Lin Zexu).
Be eased like water
With the attainment of such ease and such freedom from laborious efforts, the mastery is got of all principles under the sky. (From I-Ching)
Be energetic like water

It is the energy of a torrent of water that can even float a stone. (The Art of War by Sun Tzu).


Business Philosophy

SIGHT Philosophy

China Commerce Green Building is quality-oriented and values safety the foremost.


China Commerce Green Building sets roots globally and cast its vision internationally.


China Commerce Green Building, based on its environmental protection philosophy, delivers green products, with reduced energy consumption and low carbon emission.

Generous to Employees, Profitable to Shareholders, Careful to Customers, and Kind to Society.


China Commerce Green Building is committed to R&D and innovation for better building quality by using the power of science and technology.


Management Philosophy

Quality-oriented  Efficiency-focused  Staff Motivation

Corporate Slogan
Be a future leader of building a better world with steel structures!

China Commerce Green Building is committed to becoming a reformer of the steel structure prefabricated building industry and a future industrial leader in the new era, with the grand aspiration of constructing steel structure buildings all over the world. The Company is now the forerunner out of the peers, unparalleled in terms of design, production and construction.



Equipment Manufacturing Park, Caofeidian Industrial Zone, Caofeidian District, Tangshan, Hebei

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