Talent Strategy
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Talent Concept

Talents are the most valuable assets for the development of an enterprise.

The Company regards human resources as the foremost drive of development and brand building, and therefore recruits many talents. A number of registered architects, registered structural engineers, registered constructors, registered cost engineers, senior welding engineers as well as graduates and highly skilled technicians specialized  in industrial and civil construction, civil engineering, steel structure welding, etc. are gathered here and pool their efforts for the realization of a common dream.

The world never has a perfect individual, but is full of perfect teams.

What we take the most pride in is the power of unity throughout the whole Company no matter what difficulties are in front of us. It is the unity that brings together all the positive energy of the big family.


The Company bridges borders and allies with universities and institutes.

The Company, in addition to building its own team, joins hands with the most renowned universities and scientific research institutes specialized in steel structures, such as Beijing Jiaotong University, Tsinghua University, Tongji University and China Jingye Engineering Corp., Ltd., and recruits a galaxy of reputable steel structure building experts from all over China as technical consultants to improve its research capabilities. Notably, Beijing Jiaotong University - China Commerce Green Prefabricated Building Institute is founded in this context.


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